The business of accounts receivable management is dynamic and demanding. To achieve its Vision of being one of the most effective debt liquidation service providers in the country, Wooten, Benson, & Tate is constantly innovating methodologies, and upgrading technology to stay a leader in the industry.

All services are predicated on a commitment to maximizing the yield (“Netback”) on each client portfolio. We achieve optimal results by having dedicated client services and customer service staff, consistently motivated and constantly advancing their skills with WBT training and development programs. Our objective is to continuously improve our efficiency, accuracy, and quality of client care.

Litigation – With written authorization by our clients, Wooten, Benson, & Tate will pursue debtors through the courts in order to settle bad debts.

Best practices information management, legal strategies and expense control ensure our clients maximize their ROI on all risk management disciplines. Our staff is highly incentivized to perform while concurrently maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct, representing our core values. Most importantly, we have a company culture that makes us the easiest firm in the industry to do business with.

We use persuasion. Our staff does this while at the same time adhering to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and collection compliance laws of the various states.

Using all avenues available to convert your toxic assets into positive results.
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